This is Rakkars big brother and a powdertoy for the deep days. If you are looking for big smiles in bottomless conditions, this is the ski for you.

Based on the characteristics of Rakkar, our most popular freeride ski we scaled it up and tuned it to an uncompromised toy for powder skiing. Our spooned tip technology delivers unmatched float and a catch-free and surfy feel in deep snow. Contrary to other spooned skis, the topside of the tips on urRakkar is completely flat. We have accomplished this without adding to the thickness of the ski in the tips. A flat top means lower drag from snow passing over the ski and gives you a smoother ride. To keep an even flex and strength all the way out into the tips we have kept the steel edge by moving it on the inside of the spoon.

With a 122 mm waist, traditional camber, a responsive bamboo/poplar-core and generous rocker, the urRakkar is the ultimate playful powder weapon.

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Technical specifications:

185 cm
TIP: 139 MM / WAIST: 122 MM / TAIL: 134 MM
WEIGHT: 2100 G
191 cm
TIP: 140 MM / WAIST: 124 MM / TAIL: 136 MM
WEIGHT: 2200 G

Spooned powdertip

A long rocker combined with a long taper gives this tip float and stability in deep snow. The spoon also makes extremely agile and effortless in deep conditions.

Camber underfoot

A traditional cambered design gives you stability and versatility on any condition. On hardpack a camber design is unmatched.

Spooned powdertail

A long rocker combined with a long taper gives this tail float and stability in deep snow. The spoon also makes extremely agile and effortless in deep conditions.

Poplar & Bamboo

Poplar is a lightweight wood material, while bamboo is a strong, responsive and bouncy wood. Combined it’s a lightweight, responsive and fun core.

Scratch free top sheet

Our scratch free top sheet is developed to endure the abuse your skis go through. Its pattern is design to not collect snow while touring, reducing the weight on each foot.


P-tex base - powder

The ski has a durable P-tex 5920 base. On our touring skis the base is ground for all conditions, but will excel on dry snow, typically found mid winter.


Sandwich construction

A sandwich construction delivers uncompromised power transmission and exceptional torsional stiffness in a durable long lasting package.


Graphics by Rikke Vidde Westvig

Of the many mystical mountains in our area, Bleia is one of these. An inaccessible giant raising up from the darkness by the fjord. Only accessible by boat. Snow sticks year round in the dark north face, and is only visited by the most eager skiers once every couple of years. The select few who has been lucky enough to visit the area tell tales of the biggest pillows, deepest snow and wildest cliffs in the whole region.




The mounting directions for our skis are marked on the ski with the line stating "mounting point"

The location of the mounting is our recomendation for normal skiing. Please refer to our mounting guide for additional details.

Do you have an old model without the mounting point line? Please read the mouting guide.


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