FRIKAR 19/20

This is an allmountain tool made to give all skiers, regardless of skill level, a great day on all types of snow. Edge grip and control on variable conditions and a real killer on hardpack.

The skis are developed with pop and response, as well as rocker in tip and tail to give float and stability on softer conditions. Frikar is a fantastic allmountain ski, for days where the conditions are not the deepest. It is easily maneuvered for the rookie, and fulfills the requirements for the pro.  

Key features:
- Piste oriented all mountain ski
- Poplar and bamboo wood core

- 94 mm waist (187 cm)
- 1850 g (177 cm)



kr 3.999,- (-50%)

Technical specifications:

167 cm
TIP: 119 MM / WAIST: 90 MM / TAIL: 110 MM
WEIGHT: 1780 G
177 cm
TIP: 122 MM / WAIST: 92 MM / TAIL: 113 MM
WEIGHT: 1880 G
187 cm
TIP: 126 MM / WAIST: 94 MM / TAIL: 117 MM
WEIGHT: 1980 G

Freestyle tip

An allround shape and design spiced with features like butter zone for added playfulness and TPU-damping to reduce vibrations. Any terrain - every day!

Camber underfoot

A traditional cambered design gives you stability and versatility on any condition. On hardpack a camber design is unmatched.

Freestyle tail

The freestyle tail is suitable for allround skiing from piste to deep snow. A twintip design makes it extremely playful and suitable for switch landings.

Poplar & Bamboo

Poplar is a lightweight wood material, while bamboo is a strong, responsive and bouncy wood. Combined it’s a lightweight, responsive and fun core.

Scratch free top sheet

Our scratch free top sheet is developed to endure the abuse your skis go through. Its pattern is design to not collect snow while touring, reducing the weight on each foot.


P-tex base - powder

The ski has a durable P-tex 5920 base. On our touring skis the base is ground for all conditions, but will excel on dry snow, typically found mid winter.


Sandwich construction

A sandwich construction delivers uncompromised power transmission and exceptional torsional stiffness in a durable long lasting package.


Graphics by Rikke Vidde Westvig

Inspired by the days that just get better and better. Often starting a bit gray and gloomy, with the hope of the clouds pulling away. Slowly a select rays of sunlight break thru in the twilight. The feeling when the lid lifts off and sun hits for real is fantastic. Truly nature’s power reward us!




The mounting directions for our skis are marked on the ski with the line stating "mounting point"

The location of the mounting is our recomendation for normal skiing. Please refer to our mounting guide for additional details.

Do you have an old model without the mounting point line? Please read the mouting guide.


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