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Freeride 14 is considered to be the flagship of Italian ATK. It is a binding with great skiing characteristics and low weight, perfect for ski touring. The binding is delivered with a spacer on both sides of the ski brake, which increases the contact points between the binding and the boot. The heel lifter has five different levels, as well as an innovative and smart system to prevent snow and ice from piling up under the front binding. With a DIN-scale up to 14 and a back binding with forward pressure, the Freeride 14 is a great choice for the people who have high demands both hiking up and skiing down.

kr 4.619,- (-30%)

(when purchased with skis)

kr 6.599,- without skis

30% discount when ordered together with skis

Free mounting (when purchased with skis)

Technical specifications:  

Din value:

8 - 14



Tour mode:

Five climbing positions, including flat


25 mm length adjustment

Recommended skis:

Hurrungane, Soleitind, Tunnelvisjon, Togga, Rakkar, urRakkar

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Purchase this binding together with skis, and we will give you 30% off the binding and free mounting.

Alternative bindings:

These bindings are good alternatives, with only minor differences when it comes to weight, performance and DIN-value

579 g

kr 3.709,- (-30%)

630 g

kr 4.689,- (-30%)

620 g

kr 4.899,- (-30%)


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