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The Swiss supplier Fritschi has developed a very solid and impressive binding with the Tecton 12. Tecton delivers high power transmission, and is developed with possibilities to adjust DIN-values in both the front binding and the back binding. The front binding has a high degree of elasticity to absorb heavy vibrations while skiing. This prevents the binding to release unintendedly. The back binding works as an alpine binding, and makes sure the power transmission is optimal at all times. The Tecton 12 has a level for walking flat, but also has two different levels on the heel lifter, as well as a solution that makes the switch from walking mode to skiing mode very easy. To sum up, Fritschi Tecton 12 is one of the best choices for freeskiers looking for a binding suitable for touring.

kr 4.689,- (-30%)

(when purchased with skis)

kr 5.359,- without skis

30% discount when ordered together with skis

Free mounting (when purchased with skis)

Technical specifications:  

Din value:

5 - 12



Tour mode:

Three climbing positions, including flat


30 mm length adjustment

Recommended skis:

Soleitind, Togga, Tunnelvisjon, Rakkar, urRakkar

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Purchase this binding together with skis, and we will give you 30% off the binding and free mounting.

Alternative bindings:

These bindings are good alternatives, with only minor differences when it comes to weight, performance and DIN-value

579 g

kr 3.709,- (-30%)

620 g

kr 4.899,- (-30%)

360 g

kr 4.619,- (-30%)


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