It all started with Togga. A ski designed with one thing in mind - bottomless days in deep powder. Togga was our first ski, and lives on in as a refreshed and updated version, lighter than ever. The best snow is often found when touring, exploring mountains far from lifts and resorts opens up endless possibilities of untraced lines. That is why it was natural for us to make this huge powder tool as light as possible.

Are you looking for a lightweight powder tool to bring to your secret pillow zone far from the beaten path? Then Togga is the ski for you!

Key features:
Uncompromised float and maneuverability in deep snow
- Full rockered profile
- 120 mm waist
- 1780 grams per ski (176 cm)


kr 7.144,- (35%)

Technical specifications:

176 cm
TIP: 132 CM / WAIST: 120 CM / TAIL: 127 CM
WEIGHT: 1780 G
186 cm
TIP: 133 CM / WAIST: 120 CM / TAIL: 128 CM
WEIGHT: 1890 G
194 cm
TIP: 134 CM / WAIST: 120 CM / TAIL: 129 CM
WEIGHT: 1980 G

Powder tail

The powder tail has a long rocker shape combined with a long taper. This results in a nimble pintail design for effortless skiing in deep powder.

Negative camber underfoot

A negative camber design gives you maneuverability and response in powder like no other ski. Everyone is a great skier with negative camber in deep snow!

Powder tip

Developed with one thing in mind - powder. A long rocker combined with a long taper makes this tip extremely agile and effortless in deep conditions.

Paulownia + carbon

A paulownia core in a carbon chassis. By reducing the amount of wood and substituting it with carbon you get a lighter ski, still obtaining the wood properties.

Scratch free top sheet

Our scratch free top sheet is developed to endure the abuse your skis go through. Its pattern is design to not collect snow while touring, reducing the weight on each foot.


P-tex base - powder

The ski has a durable P-tex 5920 base. On our touring skis the base is ground for all conditions, but will excel on dry snow, typically found mid winter.


Sandwich construction

A sandwich construction delivers uncompromised power transmission and exceptional torsional stiffness in a durable long lasting package.


Graphics by Stine Lilloe-Olsen

Togga has always been one of our favorite mountains, and the graphics of this ski visualizes the journey from the peak towards the valley floor. From fantastic big mountain turns above the treeline, to bottomless powder between the trees. Remember to keep your pace up, and beware of the trolls that lurk in the forest.