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Marker Jester Pro 18 is made for the most demanding skiers out there looking for an alpine binding that can be thrusted no matter what. The Jester Pro is different from the normal jester because it has a stronger spring that can handle a DIN-value up to 18. New for this year is the integrated ice-scraper in the front so you can easily remove snow and step in confidently with no snow under your sole.  The Sole.ID-toeplate is adjustable, thus making the binding compatible with both alpine- and touring-boots. To sum it up, this is a binding for the ones who ride hard!

kr 2.799,- (-30%)

(when purchased with skis)

kr 3.999,- without skis

30% discount when ordered together with skis

Free mounting (when purchased with skis)

Technical specifications:  

Din value:

8 - 18




20 mm length adjustment

Recommended skis:

Frikar, Rakkar, urRakkar & Tunnelvisjon

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Purchase this binding together with skis, and we will give you 30% off the binding and free mounting.

Alternative bindings:

These bindings are good alternatives, with only minor differences when it comes to weight, performance and DIN-value

1030 g

kr 2.099,- (-30%)

1070 g

kr 2.659,- (-30%)


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