Photos by Bjørnar Bjørhusdal

Between the longest fjord in Norway, Sognefjorden, and the largest glacier in Norway, Jostedalsbreen, there is a 40km path in the landscape from Gaupne to the foot of the glacier. This path has been formed by the ice that 10.000 years ago united the fjord and the glacier.

The vally is called Jostedalen, and is located in the heart of Sogn. Now a days the valley typically attracts outdoor people who like to spend time in breathtaking nature doing their favorite outdoor action sports.

Because of the gigantic glacier at the end of the valley the air is cold here, making the winter to start early and spring to show up late. You are actually able to ski descent runs in Jostedalen every month, all year around.

The valley has no ski lifts or easy accessible terrain for the lazy skier, just breathtaking ski terrain accessed by human powered transportation, ski touring.  

Jostedalen is probably the best place to find pillows like this in Norway!

- Ivar Løvik

The Jostedalen valley has been a nearby ski destination for all four of the co-founders of our company since long before SGN skis was started in 2012. To ski these valley sides a couple of times a year is mandatory to call it a real ski season for many skiers in the Sogn region.

At the start of February last year, the valley floor held over 2 meters of compressed snow topped off with fresh powder, and skier Ivar Løvik, co-founders Steinar Nes and Torgeir Henjum teamed up with photographer and skier Bjørnar Bjørhusdal and drone pilot and skier Martin Leite Gilleshammer for two days of pillow skiing.

We’ll let the pictures and the video tell the story. You get the idea, it was generous days.


Our current lineup consist of two tools to handle pillows like the ones you can find in Jostedalen. Togga Carbon is our ski for touring based powderhunting. It's ligthweight character and fullrockered design makes it perfect for Jostedalen. urRakkar is the playfull brother for the ones who really enjoys spining and flipping in deep powder.

Width: 122 mm (185 cm)

kr 8.699,-

Width: 120 mm

kr 10.999,-

november 13, 2018 — Torgeir Sværen Henjum

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