Together with Asbjørn Eggebø Næss, we have taken Tunnelvisjon back to the drawing board and we are now releasing an all new big mountain ski for even better experiences on the mountain. The ski has an all new construction, become wider and has an all new rocker profile.

With this we achieve a ski that floats better, is faster in soft snow, and enables for softer transitions. It will also be easier to parallel in conditions where you want to lower speed quickly.

This is the ski for the one looking for full speed in the mountain, regardless of conditions.

kr 8999,-

Technical specifications:

193 cm
TIP: 139 MM / WAIST: 116 MM / TAIL: 132 MM
RADIUS: 24,5 M
WEIGHT: 2120 G

Freeride tip

A smaller version of the powder tip, reducing the width and length of the taper. With an ecliptic rocker design, this tip works in any speeds in any types of snow.

Camber underfoot

A traditional cambered design gives you stability and versatility on any condition. On hardpack a camber design is unmatched.

Freeride tail

Obtaining the feeling of a directional ski, but at the same time able to ski switch. Rockered pintail design reduces drag and loves spinning out of deep snow.

Poplar & Bamboo

Poplar is a lightweight wood material, while bamboo is a strong, responsive and bouncy wood. Combined it’s a lightweight, responsive and fun core.

Scratch free top sheet

Our scratch free top sheet is developed to endure the abuse your skis go through. Its pattern is design to not collect snow while touring, reducing the weight on each foot.


P-tex base - powder

The ski has a durable P-tex 5920 base. On our touring skis the base is ground for all conditions, but will excel on dry snow, typically found mid winter.


Sandwich construction

A sandwich construction delivers uncompromised power transmission and exceptional torsional stiffness in a durable long lasting package.


Graphics by Rikke Vidde Westvig

Through the years as a professional skier, Asbjørn has visited countless mountains. Mountains he has skied, and mountains that might not be skiable. On this graphic, he has gathered some of his favorites. Can you spot which ones?


Purchase skis with bindings or skins and we will give you a 30% discount on the accesories

Recommended bindings:

If you want to access the steepest lines on the mountain, we really recommend pairing Tunnelvisjon with a pair of downhill oriented touring bindings. Asbjørn skis the G3 Ion 12 binding on his Tunnelvisjon. If you only plan to ski in a resort with the skis, a pair of alpine bindings with a high DIN-value is recommended.

kr 5.299,-

kr 6.499,-

kr 5.999,-

kr 3.999,-

Skins and poles:

kr 2.199,-

kr 1.299,-




Note that the mounting point on this ski has been offest by 8 cm.

Please mount 8 cm behind the "mounting point" line.

The location of the mounting is our recomendation for normal skiing. Please refer to our mounting guide for additional details.


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