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100% mohair skin

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Kohla Alpinist is a 100% mohair-ski, and the first choice for the skier looking to collect vertical meters mid winter with a skin with unsurpassed glide. A skin with 100% mohair has the best possible glide, but the durability is not as good as a skin containing some nylon. We suggest this skin for skiers who need the best glide, or use the skin mostly during mid winter where there is cold and dry snow.

Kohla skins are known for their low weight and minimal packing volume. The “smart glue”, 100% waterproof-fabric, quick length adjustment and durability at low temperatures make Kohla a great option for skiers with high expectations from their gear - like us at SGN. If you purchase skins together with your skis from us, we will of course cut them to size before we deliver.

So looking for a skin with world class glide and performance for your powder skis? This is it!

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Technical specifications:  


250g (Soleitind 175cm)


100% mohair

Recommended skis:

Hurrungane, Hurrungane Carbon, Soleitind, Togga, Rakkar, urRakkar & Tunnelvisjon

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