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Marker Alpinist is a lightweight touring binding that is packed with great functions. This binding gives you one of the best combinations of weight, functions and price. The carbon-reinforced toe-piece provides great stiffness and comes with anti-ice pads both in the front and back. The heel features a climbing aid with 5 and 9 degree angle and allows super convenient switching between hike and ride mode. Alpinist allows a 15mm heel adjustment to suit various boot-lengths. The binding is delivered without stoppers.

This binding is the same as the Alpinist 8, but this version has a higher maximum DIN-value to accommodate heavier and more aggressive skiers.

kr 2.939,- (-30%)

(when purchased with skis)

kr 4.199,- without skis

30% discount when ordered together with skis

Free mounting (when purchased with skis)

Technical specifications:  

Din value:

6 - 12



Tour mode:

Three climbing positions, including flat


15 mm length adjustment

Recommended skis:

Jostedalen, Hurrungane, Hurrungane Carbon, Soleitind, Togga & Rabbagast


Complete your binding setup with the optional ski-brake

kr 524,- (-30%)

kr 629,- (-30%)

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Purchase this binding together with skis, and we will give you 30% off the binding and free mounting.

Alternative bindings:

These bindings are good alternatives, with only minor differences when it comes to weight, performance and DIN-value

280 g

kr 2.799,- (-30%)

358 g

kr 3.499,- (-30%)

245 g

kr 2.799,- (-30%)


kr 3.149,- (-30%)


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